About Exercise Girl

So first off I am not an exercise instructor, nor do I have a background in fitness or nutrition. I am that person who for years has hated all forms of exercise and if someone did talk “fitness” I would, I am sorry to say, kind of shut down – I couldn’t understand how they could like it that much!

Why would someone want to get hot and sweaty and then ache the next day?

It all started when I was back in school. I would dread PE class – no one wanted me on their team and to be honest that suited me. I would usually get my mum to write a note excusing me from the class. I didn’t want to run around in one of those silly PE skirts they use to make you wear (even when it was cold out), afraid to bend over cause they were so short. Nor did I want to break a nail or a sweat for that matter!

That same thought pattern carried on into my 20’s, 30’s and I hate to say 40’s cause I can’t possibly be that old. I have tried various classes from Pilates, Step Aerobics, Body Burn, Spin, Yoga the list goes on and on. Not one has ever made me want to go back.

But now here I am sitting writing this blog still dressed in my workout clothes – having been to Cross Kicks and then on to a three-mile run on the trails with my husband which is no easy feat after leg day in the gym. I do believe I have been taken over by aliens!