Fitness – Back at the Start of The 90 Day Challenge!

My 90 Day Challenge by now was in full swing. I had my eating plan my target weight loss which for me was 30lb ambitious – yes; achievable – maybe not. But if I didn’t try I would never know, if I could do it.

A couple of weeks into the challenge the trainers gave all of us a calendar of extra things we needed to do on certain days. Some were as simple as drink a gallon of water before bed or do 20 burpees before coming into Cross Kicks. As I glanced through the sheets, there were two extra activities; that filled me with dread!

The first was to run one mile and the second was to run two miles – as I have said before when I started out back in September 2016 – I didn’t run, and I didn’t want to run. Since it was now coming into winter, the runs had to be done on a treadmill there was absolutely no way I was running outside.

I was in New York for a long weekend with friends so decided to take advantage of the gym in the hotel. Armed with my water bottle, I head down there. I surprised myself I managed to run the first mile without a break – slow, but I never stopped. The second mile wasn’t as good there was a lot of stopping and starting – but I finally got it done. What a relief, now I could get back to the serious stuff of shopping!

Funny now since it is now nine months on from this first challenge and when I had to complete those one and two-mile runs. Yesterday I finished a Halloween 5K race with my son and then came home and ran eight miles as part of my 15K Hot Chocolate training schedule. Never in a million years would I thought I could do that!

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