Fitness – Some Training Runs are Bad!

The last ten days have been non-stop. The weather here suddenly got so hot it was impossible to run a couple of my training runs for the 15K Hot Chocolate. I finally got myself caught up this week – as I was in a bit of a panic!

We (my husband and I) managed to get into the forest preserve which started off relatively cool, but about a mile into the run the heat was horrible, and the sun felt like it was bearing down on me. The backs of my legs with every step I took were screaming at me to stop – it was a tough leg day at Cross Kicks the previous morning. I could feel it all going wrong.

After about 2 miles, to be honest, I had enough and decided since I had to keep stopping that I would go back to the car and wait for my husband to finish his run – as I was slowing him down. He pointed me in the direction of the car, and I took a slow run to it.

When I reached the car my Runkeeper tracker tells me I have run just under 3 miles – now to complete this training run I only need to do 4.5 miles, what to do? In a flash, I just decide I can either stop now or just get the extra 1.5 miles done – looking around for my husband, of course, he is nowhere to be seen I continue the run around the lake.

Just as I am on my final lap to the finish, I spot him across the lake or at least its someone who looks like my husband; I wave hoping it is him as I couldn’t remember what color top he was wearing. My final thought as I finish was why oh why did I sign up for a 15K – particularly since on Sunday I have to run eight miles!

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