Ran 10K MagMile Now onto 15K Hot Chocolate!

I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for the Hot Chocolate 15K in Chicago! It’s billed as the Sweetest Race and they serve chocolate. After doing my first ever 10K last weekend RunMagMile I felt like I could take on a 15K. I downloaded my training plan from Runkeeper, this time though I am only going to run three days a week.

When I trained for the Mag Mile race, I was running four days a week as well as five days a week at Cross Kicks. Towards the end, I was feeling tired. I had read a blog post about a runner who went down from training four days a week to three and how he had better races when he did that – I thought I would give it ago for the 15K. Will report back after the race.

The MagMile race was a lot of fun – I had stayed in a hotel the night before and done a little shopping during the day. On the morning of the race, I headed to the start line. When I ran the Rock and Roll back in July, I had stood in the front of my corral I had been assigned to – that was a big mistake. Everyone bolted out at lightning speed, and I was caught up with them when I got so far along I realized, I had to slow down as I couldn’t hold that pace for the distance.

This time I stood at the back of my corral which, for me was better when it was our time to head out I was one of the last ones to leave. After a little bumpy start – due to trying to avoid some pot-holes I was out on Michigan Avenue one of my favorite places to be. Thankfully it was a cool morning which made it comfortable to run in. When around mile four I made it to the lakefront the wind stopped me in my tracks, and I was struggling to keep my pace.

I was relieved when we made the turn to head back to the finish line. What a sight it was to see – the last couple of hundred yards I tried to give it a final push I ended up completing the race in 1.01 – which I was pleased about although I did want to do it in under a hour. This was my first ever 10K and the medal from the race was great!

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