No Monday Blues Here – No Pain to Gain!

After my rest day from Sunday which, I have to say how nice it was to be able to get up and just have breakfast but I had done 6.5 miles on Saturday, so I was due a rest day! It was back to CrossKicks for leg day. To be honest, my legs had only just stopped aching after leg day on Thursday session; I spent most of Sunday groaning every time I got up from the sofa – the run on Saturday probably didn’t help!

No pain no gain – must keep reminding myself of that.

Leg day was great – yes it hurt, and yes I moaned at each station, but I still completed all the rounds which included lunges, squats, box jumps, sumo squats, sumo pulses, burpees, treadmill sprint omg the list went on. After about an hour I was done and burnt off 364 calories I love that I can track that on my Apple Watch – so success!

Now it was on to my training run with my husband. I wasn’t due to run today but, the rest of the week here is meant to be super hot, so I am switching up the days that I run. What a fun run it was but at the end, there was no shade, and it felt like it was 100 degrees out there. I must admit I did have a moment where I felt like a three-year-old stamping their feet saying ‘I am done!’

We went to a local trail near us, and as we looped around every 30-40 yards, there were exercise stations. They had a little board showing what exercises you can do and how many times it should be completed. It was so fun we stopped at a few of them along the run to try them out – if only all trails had that.

I did finally make it to the end, and completed 4.5 miles – I was relieved to see the car sitting waiting for me. It was then off to Panera Bread I needed the Green Goddess Salad!

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