From Treadmill to Outdoor Running – Why the Change?

Earlier in the year, we were on vacation in Florida and my husband even though he doesn’t race anymore still likes to run and loves running on the beach. Since I was on my 45 Day Challenge with Cross Kicks, I had to make sure that I kept an eye on my diet (which can be a little tricking in Florida, coupled with the fact that I was eating three meals out a day and let’s not talk about the wine!)

One morning he said he was going for a run and instead of me using the treadmill I should go with him on the beach. Before I could change my mind and hide under the bedclothes, I was up dressed and ready to go. Now keep in mind at this stage I could only do about 12-12.30 minute miles on a good day. My husband runs a lot faster than me.

Armed with a bottle of water and my Runkeeper app we head to the beach. He told me we would run at my pace. I have to say; I was a little nervous as the last time I had run with him was back before we were married –  I didn’t even get to the end of the road before claiming I was worn out and would have to head home.

Running - Time for a Rest

We start out running – I have to be honest it was a little tricky on the sand it wasn’t like my treadmill where I knew where each step was landing – plus I was more out of breath than I would normally be. We head up the beach my husband not even cutting a sweat and chatting like he is going for a stroll in the park. All the while I am huffing, puffing, dripping in sweat and can’t get a word out of my mouth – which is probably a relief for him as I do talk a lot.

As we are running, I am thinking, I am going to have to slow down soon or I am going to drop down – he tells me we are stopping a pier on the beach – Phew finally, I can make it to that pier. Once I get there he hands me the water and tells me I done well and what did I think my speed was? I had no idea, to be honest even six months later I still can’t tell how fast or slow I am going without looking at my watch. With a smile on his face, he says you done that mile in just around 10 minutes – OMG, I don’t run that fast ever!

Little did I know this would be the start of my training runs with my husband and him saying “come on you can do this,” “you can run faster,” “don’t stop now,” “keep on going” – words of encouragement he calls them!




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