What to Eat on The Challenge!

So after recovering from having my measurements and photos taken I now have my eating plan, with how many calories I need to eat each day and a breakdown of what percentage should be fats, protein, or carbs. It was a lot of info!

My guy tells me to download MyFitnessPal and assure me that from this app I can track my food pretty easy. Ok, how hard can this be?

Once home I download it and then enter the carbs, proteins, and fat percentages I am allowed. I start by scanning in some of my favorite foods. Wow after a couple of hours of messing around studying the variety of foods I eat, I realize that certain combinations that I had been eating could be the reason for weight gain. Never before had I tracked carbs, proteins, and fats – this was a real eye-opener.

One of the things I noticed is they wanted me to eat was eggs and yogurt both of which I never eat. I attempted to try some eggs; I don’t know what it is about them, but I always end up with an upset stomach when I have them. Now yogurt, I have always found horrible and could never see why someone would eat it, but I am on a mission to make a change, so I tried to find one I like. After testing a couple of flavors, I try a Dannon Greek Yoghurt – Toasted Coconut, OMG now that is good and has since become my go-to yogurt.

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