Fitness – 1st Day of My New Me!

By the end of that first session, although I wasn’t great I did really enjoy it – that was a first! I did notice that while I was working out some of these people in here were super fit and there were a few that were just starting out like me. But one thing that stood out above all was they were all friendly and offered help if you needed it – What a breath of fresh air this place was. I had never been in a gym where anyone had spoken to me before.

At the end of the circuit, there was a bonus round which thankfully he said to miss I think he realized there was just no way I could have completed that series exercises as well. I have never been so worn out, and I was sweating – to be honest, that wasn’t something I had experienced in a class before.

As I went to walk out I was in two minds – should I come back or not. At that moment I just thought YES I could do this and signed up for my fitness membership – NO MORE EXCUSES!

From now on Monday, Wednesday and Friday were going to be my Cross Kicks gym days.

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