Cross Kicks – Here I Come!

A few days later I find myself hunting through my wardrobe looking for something suitable to wear – ah from my last attempt at working out I dig out pair yoga pants and workout t-shirt which were at least six years old. Not one of my best looks but why waste money on new clothes when I knew I probably wouldn’t last and I hoped when I turned up no one would take any notice of me.

After going back and forth, shall I go or just stay home. I bite the bullet; it is now or never. I turn up as I walked in the door, and to be honest, I wanted to walk back out I was overwhelmed – but too late the friendly guy I spoke to on the phone has spotted me. There was no escape. It’s only a small gym with boxing bags, TRX, Bosu, skipping ropes, weights, etc. – I recognized all the equipment I just don’t know what to do with it, and at that point, I wasn’t sure I wanted to find out!

The trainer showed me around and convinced me to stay and give it ago. Five minutes later I am wearing a pair of boxing gloves (for the first time) while the instructor is explaining to me how to jab, cross, hook, and body. Who knew there were so many different punches used in boxing? – Clearly not me!

Now back when I was younger, I did have a few boxing lessons, but that was from my dad. He had been a boxer in his younger days and wanted to make sure I could defend myself should I need to. We never went over what the moves were called, back then I saw them as punches and how hard I could do one.

We continue, completing each station where there were a series of exercises that you perform within a set time. By the time I got about halfway round I have to be honest, I was a little hot and bothered. I quickly realized just how unfit I was and found myself with each station saying “I can’t-do that,” “my body doesn’t move in that way.” My trainer patiently stuck with me and explained it might not do it today or tomorrow or next week but stick with it and eventually it will do it – I wasn’t convinced!

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