Why The Change – From Couch to Fitness!

My husband over the years has run various races including the Chicago and London Marathon – I have always gone to watch him and tried to chase him around the course – which I have to say the London one is hard work; as it starts one side of London and ends at the other side in Westminster.

To be honest that day I felt like I had completed my version of the marathon in London. Every place I tried to see him I missed him other than by the Cutty Sark in Greenwich; which by the time I pushed my way to the front with camera in hand he had spirited away – could he not just slow down a bit I just want to snap a couple of action photos. Anyway enough about that let’s get back to my WHY!

Fast forward to the summer of 2016 – while sitting at the water-parks or pools with the kids, watching some of the other mom’s and maybe feeling a little sorry for myself, I just decided that “I wanted to get fit.” A lot of my friends work out, run marathons and compete in Ironman contest (although that is way out of my league) I think I was a little inspired to do something but not sure what.

Of course, I wasn’t going to mention that to anyone because you know, once you do that – they with what they think are good intentions keep on and on at you – What are you going to do? How many times a week, will you going to go? Or you get the dreaded “Oh, this is the new thing you want to try”! When you know – they want to say “I wonder how long this fad will last?”

So after a little research, I found a gym in my area called Cross Kicks when I checked them out online it was a circuit with no class times – so I had no excuse to say oh I missed the time maybe this time would be different.

Once I got the kids back to school, I made that phone call, and the guy on the other end sounded friendly enough – maybe I should give this a try!

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