How My Fitness Journey Came About!

You all know the story everyone tells you how you should exercise; how once you get into it you will enjoy it, how you will have more energy and want to keep going back. I never found that I couldn’t wait to get out of the classes and I always had a million excuses on why I just couldn’t make it that day.

When I did get to the class, I was usually always a few minutes late. I always ended up next to a model type girl who never broke a sweat; she knew all the moves (I am sure she was a professional dancer in a previous life!) rarely smiled, let alone said hello!

So let’s set the scene I turn up to the gym in workout clothes that have seen better days. I don’t want to waste my time and money buying news ones – I will be lucky if I last three months in this class. I already have a list of excuses in my head as to why I am not going to like it. After a quick look around, of course, I head to the back of the class (if we are bending over, I don’t want anyone looking at my bum!).

On goes the music, I can feel the energy being sucked out of me “why do I do this to myself”? And so it begins, the instructor says go left and kick a leg in the air – simple except for the fact that I go right and kick in the air, bumping into everyone in my path (left and right are not my thing!). I smile and say sorry as I bump into Miss Model who just gives me one of her best dirty looks.

Why oh why did I decide this was a good idea?





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