What Do I Know About Fitness?

What do I know about exercise and fitness? I am not a personal trainer. Nor do I have a background in fitness – unless of course, you count the endless classes I have read about and even signed up for over the years and never succeeded at or the countless gyms I have joined thinking ‘this time it will be different,’ of course, they never were.

I can honestly say if there has been a new type of fitness or diet program I have tried it except for Zumba – I knew that with my lack of coördination it was never going to be a class I would feel comfortable going in.

A few years back I had an idea to have a series blogs I planned to start out with The Sandal Girls and wanted to do The Exercise Girls – well there was only one problem I knew nothing about fitness nor did I work out – although I did a lot of thinking about working out! – (not sure that counts though?)

Fast forward to August 2016 – little did I know that my knowledge of fitness and love of food was about to change – and for the better!



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